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Dina Manzo is an artist first and foremost…an artist, a curator of all things beauty.

You may have seen a glimpse of her passionate spiritual force on Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise or HGTV’s Dina’s Party. Wherever you have seen her, it’s only a small window into her world of inspired living.

Well known for her design of palatial homes and magnificent events, you may not be aware that Dina was at first the most intimate of artists, a makeup artist. At a very young age, her aptitude and skill for designing the face was only surpassed by her ability to help woman feel their most beautiful. Once she transitioned out of the beauty business and into home design, Dina continued her quest to find the most effective quality products for the face and body for the sole purpose of looking and feeling her personal best. Utilizing her knowledge and years in the industry and access to some of the best dermatologist and makeup artists, she always shared her finds and secrets with close friends and family. Throughout those years, Dina also began an intense spiritual journey. As a public figure Dina began to notice, whether on an appearance or hosting one of her charity events, that the number one comment was always, “What’s your secret? you absolutely glow.”

She’s decided to share her secrets with you. “To Glow is to produce a steady radiance of light.”  After years of personal experiences and of course trial and error, Dina realized that personal beauty is found in three forms. What you put on your body, what you put in your body and how you nourish your soul.

Consider her your guide on your personal path to beauty, wellness, health and joy.

“The simplest ritual of beauty can elevate and transform…” ~ Dina Manzo